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Conversion to Chromebook

As we approach the 24-25 school year, there will be a change to the student devices for all high school students. During the 22-23 school year, the district chose to shift from using Macbooks to using Chromebooks. This shift in student technology began with the Middle School during the 23-24 school year, and will continue into the high school starting with the coming 24-25 school year. Below are the long awaited details...


All high school student Macbooks will be collected during the last week of school (May 27-31, 2024). The specific dates are listed below. All students will be required to return the Macbook and charging cord/block. We understand that this is underclassmen finals week; therefore, students can come whenever it is convenient for them during that week, but especially:


GRADE 12: May 26-29


GRADE 9-11: May 30-31






HS Auxiliary Gym

Items to return:

  • Macbook laptop*
  • Charging cable
  • Charging block

If any item is missing or damaged beyond normal wear and tear, the district will be obligated to charge the family for any missing items. If you purchased the optional insurance at the start of the school year, then all stipulations of the insurance fee will be honored. If the damage is not due to gross negligence or not purposeful, and the insurance was purchased at the start of the 23-24 school year, and there was no prior damage or replacement, then insurance would cover damages.

*REMOVE all stickers or markings from the Macbook prior to return.

Summer school or other required school work

If you plan to attend summer school, you may hold on to your Macbook. We will expect you to swap the Macbook during the dates when we distribute the Chromebooks in late summer (dates TBD).


During the school year, how will we be able to attend some of our classes that require a device with more processing power? (e.g. art, video editing etc)
We realize that the processing power of the Chromebook is not as great as the Macbook; and yet we still want our students to be successful. We will provide those specific classrooms with a cart of Macbooks to use as lab devices.

When do we receive the Chromebooks?
Chromebooks will be distributed in August. Separate communications will be sent to students and families leading up to the dates of distribution. 

Can we purchase the insurance for the Chromebooks?
Yes. The same optional insurance fee will be offered for the Chromebooks at a cost of $25.

For additional information on the Chromebook, please click this link for the current handbook (subject to change, prior to the 24-25 school year):

Chromebook handbook